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popcorny unicorny

Stories told through various myths, folktales, and legends make you have faith even without rational or scientific causal relationships.

In my life, I was able to gain inner courage and support from these irrational beliefs when I was in various problematic situations.For example, I didn't have a special religious belief, but things like the St. Mary's Statue on the side of the house and the spoons handed down by my late grandparents were the same. I deeply sympathized with the fact that objects with the characteristics of totem with storytelling can comfort us in our lives, and I was interested in tales, shamanism, and totemism.

Using images and storytelling of totem containing people's wishes, we intend to expand the area that furniture can provide to humans beyond convenience or practicality into objects that give emotional stability.

I think my work should be more specific and detailed storytelling work. Future studies will not just end in one page by combining and religiousizing the working world of the writer, but will communicate with the public in the form of an artbook such as a Bible or a collection of tales. To that end, we will conduct research on various religions, tales, and superstitions that can persuade users. Thus, I will create a new mythical work force that I have created.

Irrational, such as faith, hope, and love, but human characteristics that enrich life will continue even in the 30th century, so I think the value of these households will continue. I hope my mythical world will be a new art feature that gives other emotional comfort than ordinary comfort to modern people living hard daily lives. Normal life without stories is boring!

-Exhibition & Award

Space Kyeol arte&segreto, space Kyeol gallery (2022)

international sculpture festa 2022, young artists selected, BEXCO (2022)

Design art fair 2022, young artists selected, Seoul art center (2022)

popcorny unicorny first solo exhibition, dangnim museum(2022)

The Maximalist 001, craft on the hill(2022)

INTERIOR DESIGN KOREA,  ‘Next generation’ personal booth selected, KINTEX(2022)

Supy X POPCORNY UNICORNY private exhibition, Hongdae AK mall (2022)

Seoul design festival, young designer selected, COEX(2021)

Artbit gallery 문제적 공예(2021)

Craft trend fair (KCDF), personal booth selected, COEX(2020)

BKID  from matter to object;공예산책 (2020)

Craft trend fair (KCDF), personal booth selected, COEX(2019)

Korea Art Exhibition Award for Design and Crafts(2019)


 Street cat house project with Seoul national university(2017)

M.F.A Post graduate course in Woodworking and Furniture Design, Hongik University(2022)

B.F.A in Woodworking and Furniture Design, Hongik University(2019)



Mobile  +82-10-2790-5974


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